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IES Montsià

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Institut d'Ensenyament Secundari Montsià

activar usuari

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hola, he creat el node 29684 VicSantFrancesc58 i veig que  tot funciona correctament ,voldria saber si em podeu donar de alta aquest usuari, el seu nom es jordi marquez no se si necesiteu mes dats,gracies.


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CG-Lucas Lopez

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LC-Francisco Jimenez

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NASA And World Science Festival Host Special Tweetup In New York

NASA and the World Science Festival are inviting Twitter followers to a behind-the-scenes Tweetup at 2 p.m. EDT on Saturday, June 5, in New York City.

NASA Space Shuttle Crew In Washington, Available For Interviews

NASA Headquarters in Washington will welcome space shuttle Discovery's STS-131 astronauts for a visit Tuesday, May 25, through Thursday, May 27.

Docked at the Station

This image features the Atlantis' cabin and forward cargo bay and a section of the International Space Station while the two spacecraft remain docked, photographed during the STS-132 mission's first spacewalk. Image Credit: NASA

NASA Kicks Off Virtual Education Program For College Students

NASA will provide college students from across the country with the opportunity to participate in virtual interactive educational sessions focusing on NASA technical challenges and competitions.

NASA Announces Live Web Streaming Of Space Exploration Workshop And Telephone Media Briefing

NASA Announces Live Web Streaming Of Space Exploration Workshop And Telephone Media Briefing

em puc connectar sense trasto ?

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Hola !

Sóc Vic.salom ( VicMiquelXic ) cituat just darrere el col.legi Guillem de montrodon.  M'he traslladat a viure a la Guixa, just al costat de l'esglesia i i agafo covertura perfecte guifi.netlaguixa-APintern, em puc connectar a aquesta xarxa? necessito un nou usuari? node? trasto? puc utilitzar el meu usuari i contrasenya ?  



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Servidor DNS Ritort

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Escoles de Montclar

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Cal Fornetó

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CG-Adela Melero

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