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com puc saber l'adreça mac

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bon dia soc el node

i voldria saber l'adreça mac de la meva antena, a on tinc que mirar ho?



No em puc connectar

Notícies - Dj, 19/08/2010 - 09:53

 Hola, el meu node és i vaig fer canvis amb la connexió de la meva antena, que fins fa poc em connectava a través de SMS El TorratAP i ara he canviat per 26761-MasiesDiposit (MasiesVicenc/MasiesRVicencAP) perquè veig que tinc més bona qualitat,

llegeix més


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Sailing Amongst the Stars

Making the stuff of science fiction into reality, NASA engineers are testing solar sails--a unique propulsion technology that one day could enable deep space missions. Much like the wind pushing a sailboat through water, solar sails rely on sunlight to propel vehicles through space. The sail captures constantly streaming solar particles, called photons, with giant sails built from a lightweight material. Over time, the buildup of these particles provides enough thrust for a small spacecraft to travel in space. This image is of a four-quadrant solar sail system, measuring 66 feet on each side that is being tested in the world's largest vacuum chamber at NASA's Glenn Research Center at Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. Image Credit: NASA

Drought Drives Decade-Long Decline in Plant Growth

Global plant productivity that once was on the rise with warming temperatures and a lengthened growing season is now on the decline because of regional drought according to a new study of NASA satellite data.

Materiales del curso de para instaladores - parte teórica

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Primera parte de la explicación de para instaladores y profesionales.

Traducido de la versión original en catalán de rroca.


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no em puc connectar al node 25471 tupiproxi

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Hola, Fa unes setmanes que no em puc connectar. Sembla que tot està operatiu, però quan intento entrar a internet em demana una i un altre vegade el usuari i password. He canviat el password i he afegit un altre usuari, però segueix igual. Que he de fer? 


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Santa Anna

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Santa Anna


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